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Getting Started

This service generates Government branding images consistent with the guidelines

Key Information

This service not monitored or setup to horizontally scale.

Use it in production at your own risk.

You’re better off using it to generate images and then serve them yourself






Inline with multiple agencies

Inline with multiple agencies

Stacked with multiple agencies

Inline with multiple agencies

Inline and tertiary (also with forced new line)

Inline and tertiary

Basic usage

There are two endpoints:

Inline usage

Stacked usage


Both endpoints take the same parameters:


The name of the agecny to display.

You can add as many ‘&agency’ paramaters as you like, they will be added in order.

The guidelines cater for sub-headings, for things such as function names.

These use a non-bold font.

If you prepend an ‘agency’ param with a pipe char ( , or %7C), that text will be a sub-heading

Lines won’t wrap.

If you want to break up a line, add a newline (\n, or %0A).

If you want to add a comma, use $2C (also works for any other %-prefixed characters that might get munged)


Sets the total height of the image.

The width is derrived based on the longest ‘agency’ parameter


Overrides the natural aspect-ratio of the images and pads it out to be a square